Fleet management is a science where Key has experience in a disciplined approach to extracting maximum value from fleet assets.

Here are the next 3 points of our 10-point plan that impact a company’s fleet asset base.

4. Maintenance - Choosing the right service/maintenance plan allows a business to focus on its core activities.

5. Fuel - With today’s ever increasing cost of fuel, poor fuel consumption can destroy the bottom line.

  1. In-house / outsource fuel dispensing
  2. Fuel Cards
  3. Fuel Management (real-time)
  4. Fuel consumption monitoring (against standards set for specific operational conditions)

6. Risk Management - The recent events in KZN highlight the need to be adequately insured.

  1. Comprehensive or Self-Insurance
  2. Insurance management
  3. Employee screening procedures
  4. Tracking systems

We will explain more of the 10 strategic touchpoints in the following newsletters. For more information, please contact Hennie Botha at 031 713 3145 or at 074 331 1354.