Fleet management is a science where Key Hire has experience in a disciplined approach to extracting maximum value from fleet assets. Here is a 10-point list that highlights the first item – vehicle selection - and 9 key issues behind this vital first factor. Select the right vehicle for the correct task. This results in the lowest Cents Per Kilometre (CPK) for the truck’s first economic life – especially fuel costs

Where 10 Strategic decisions impact a company fleet asset base

A further two of ten strategic decisions that impact a company’s fleet asset base

7. Replacement/remarketing – this requires insight into the art of achieving maximum residual values to minimise the fixed cost of depreciation. It is also all about planned replacements and using the latest technology to arrive at the lowest operating cost

  1. Replacement Policy
  2. Usage
  3. Condition
  4. Body & Accessories

8. Drivers – the biggest variable in fixed costs that requires years of experience to extract the best results – especially in fuel consumption

  1. Driver Training
  2. Labour Relations
  3. Risk Management
  4. Incentives

We will explain more of the 10 strategic touchpoints in the following newsletters. For more information, please contact Hennie Botha at 031 713 3145 or at 074 331 1354.