• Here is our 4 th Key communication for 2023. Change is a constant. Better to serve our customers, we are
    adapting to market forces and have moved Key Hire into massive new facilities in Rossburgh.
    Transport solutions, and road safety remain our priority – especially with the arrival of the wet season
    and construction on the N3. Here are the newsletter contents:
    •  Key Hire expands and moves to new facilities in Rossburgh.
    •  Driver training is much more than road craft.
    •  Fleet vs Transport Management.
    •  Changing the guard at Key Hire.
    •  The aquaplaning season.
    Please feel free to delve deeper into these subjects through contact with us listed at the foot of each
    article. We would like to hear from you on any item that you would like to see explored and published
    here, especially on road safety.
    We also welcome discussion on any of these subjects with Tony Dos Reis at
    tony.dosreis@keygroup.co.za or at 031 713 3111.