Productivity in road transport is generally measured in cost per ton kilometre ( But
there are many applications where volume is the over-riding factor – cost per cubic metre
kilometre such as for furniture, baby diapers, and consumer paper products. What counts is
largest volume for lowest operating cost and here the Isuzu NQR 500 extended wheel base
is proving its worth.
Truck operators can now get 42 cubic metres of loading space, vs. around 32 cubic metres
on a standard NQR 500 wheelbase. This offers a huge saving:

  • Firstly, is the capital outlay of the truck, as normally a 42 cubic metre cargo box this size would need to go onto a F series, heavy-duty truck.
  • Secondly, there is massive saving in operating costs of N-Series vs a F-Series, particularly when it comes to fuel, tyres, and maintenance.
  • Thirdly, this also means an operating cost reduction for an expensive empty return-trip home.
  • Fourthly, a medium truck driver licence applies – a C1 licence (3,5t-9t Gross Vehicle Mass) instead of C or EC licence. Plated GVM max on a NQR 500 is 8500kg. Anywheelbase change does not affect GVM.

5200mm extended wheelbase on a NQR 500, optimal body length is 7.2m giving a 3.7-ton
load, however it is very easy to overload the front axle on this application without a correct
loading weight distribution. Key Hire is there with all mass distribution options a transport
operator may require.

Please contact Andrew Emanuel at Key Truck Centre New Germany on 072 527 3623 for more