It is worth repeating and all starts with selecting the right vehicle for the correct task. This results in the lowest Cents Per Kilometre (CPK) for the truck’s first economic life – especially fuel costs

Where 10 strategic decisions company fleet asset base

1. Vehicle Selection
2. Procurement
3. Funding
4. Maintenance
5. Fuel
6. Risk Management
7. Replacement / Remarketing
8. Drivers
9. Administration
10. Engagement Mechanism

Items 9 & 10 deal with the two of the weakest areas in road transport – admin and engaging with the support back-up available to fleet operators. This is where Key Hire expertise has it all.

The final two of ten strategic decisions that impact a company’s fleet asset base

Administration – with a focus on fleet management techniques & software

1. Advantages of FML
2. Agreements
3. Fleet Reviews
4. Vehicle contract evaluations / re-draw

Engagement Mechanism – there is massive support behind Key Hire

5. Manufacturer / Dealer Network
6. ASO’s - Authorised Service Outlets
7. SLA’s – Service Level Agreements

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