Regardless of the type of transport operation – casual hire, contract rental, owner driver, whether short or long-term – both driver skill and attitude play a major role in controlling variable costs.

In the 10-point Key fleet management programme, drivers are listed as a vital area of concern in terms of training, labour relations, risk management, and incentives. Key now has access to professional driver training through Masakhane Driver Development.

The handover of an Isuzu N-Series freight carrier truck by Key Trucks to Masakhane Driver Development takes the subject of driver training to a whole new level. Key Trucks now offers a Masakhane Driver Development package with every new Isuzu truck sold by them. This allows Key Trucks and Key Hire to take their market position from understanding the truck into loaded operational roadcraft through the services that Masakhane offer. This truly assists Key Group customers in managing the risks associated with road transport.

Masakhane means ‘We Build Together’. This is where a partnership between Masakhane, Key Trucks and experienced drivers will have a positive outcome in terms of economy and safety. It must be noted that experienced drivers are resistant to be being told that they need training as opposed to being taken down a developmental path as driver professionals.

Masakhane Driver development knows that even an experienced truck driver needs refreshing and updating. Driver development recognises there is room for progress in reducing fuel consumption, enhancing company image, controlling retardation forces and braking systems plus load securing with respect for speed within the Regulations and road safety parameters.

And then Masakhane adds further value to the partnership. One useful skill, among many services offered, is driver screening. There are only 502,000 trucks and buses on the road in South Africa but more than 4,8 million licenced truck and bus drivers. This in turn means that a legal licence does not validate a driver’s ability to handle a loaded truck. This is where driver screening is such a useful service. This applies especially to smaller truck fleets that need independent expertise in judging driver skill – there is no point in hiring a driver based on a licence code only to find out later that he/she is not up to the task. Let Masakhane apply skill to this vital task.

There is a further prospect – owner drivers. Every truck on the road represents a business opportunity, not only for a driver but also for the logistical chain and support staff that surround the truck that he/she drives. Masakhane has TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) accreditation and qualifications to launch owner-drivers.

For further information please contact Tony Dos Reis at or at 031 713 3146.