It’s much more than money – real social support and charitable works come from making things happen. The Key Foundation has built seven schools over an 11-year period. The April floods in the greater Durban area were a devastating time for the people of KwaMashu, north of Durban.

In 2013 the Key Foundation built a Crèche & Preschool called Thembelihle. Dale Southern, Key Foundation Chairman, received a call from Primrose, who had founded and runs the school to say that the toilets had been washed away in the flooding. Running a school of 50 to 60 children with one toilet in Primrose’s house was almost impossible. This is where the Key Foundation had to step in and make a difference.

After a site visit to establish the extent of the damage it was decided to go the route of a Container Ablution Toilets as it would be the quickest way to get toilets up and running.

Southern explains – “I received a call from the owner of CDT Containers Luis Farias, after explaining that the toilets had to be built to the ECD (Early Child Development) specification. A quote was accepted, and the money secured from the Key Foundation. With a deposit paid the building of the container toilets was started. The toilets were built in three weeks after inspection and signing off on the completed toilets.”

Delivery took place on the same day, with much excitement at the school when the container was lifted by a crane over the fence behind the school in a safe area away from further flood damage.

The next step in the process was the get a TLB to dig a hole to house the two septic tanks that would be joined together. In addition, a French drain had to be made. The water supply to the school was also damaged in the flood and remains to be repaired by the municipality – in the meantime flushing will be done with buckets of water.

The Key Foundation has made two more applications to the Isuzu Foundation on their Mandela day water project and waiting to see if they are successful. It will involve JOJO tanks, presser pump and water filters for water supply to the toilets to enable flushing and washing of hands. It is important that these disadvantaged people would, through the Key Foundations financial support, become active and meaningful contributors to the economy.

An official opening of the toilets will be done at the end of August by Key Hire as it’s one of their charity’s though the Key Foundation.

Southern concludes – “The Key Foundation is very busy making a difference.”

For more information, please contact Key Foundation Chairman, Dale Southern, at or +27 (83) 659 3000