For example, Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSAf) has partnered with Gift of the Givers, to install much needed boreholes in areas within Nelson Mandela Bay. The Isuzu Foundation request:

“We would appreciate it if you can identify a community
near you that is in need and send the Isuzu Foundation
your proposal for a similar initiative.”

Dale Southern, Key Foundation Chairman, got to work on it straight away by contacting four Key Foundation Charities to see if they had been affected by the floods. Two were okay, but Silondokuhle Crèche & Pre-School and Uminathi Crèche had toilets but no water, as the water infrastructure had been washed away, leaving them without water to flush toilets etc.

The plan was to get a quote to install two 5000L Eco water tanks, with centrifugal booster water pump, leaf catcher/first flush filter complete with all piping and fittings.

The tanks could initially be filled by a tanker and the water could then be harvested from the roof of the Crèche. This water problem existed before the floods, as water would stop running for days with no explanation. This would be a self-sustaining project, which would make about 40 children and their teachers very happy.

The Mandela Day initiative project was submitted on the 30th June, on time, for Key Trucks New Germany and Key Durban. The deadline was later extended to the 28th July, as Isuzu had only received two submissions for the Mandela day project, and both were from the Key Foundation. In the end they only received four submissions and Key received two of them.

The water project at Uminathi Crèche has been completed, and opened by Andrew Emanuel, as the Charity he supports from Key Trucks New Germany. The project at Silondokuhle Crèche & Pre-School is almost complete, and will be opened and commissioned on the 23rd November by Billy Bridge,
from Key Durban, his charity.

The ISUZU Foundation is a partnership between Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSAf) and the IMSAf
Dealer network, previously known as the ChildLife Foundation.

The ISUZU Foundation supports projects that are focused on the societal needs of the communities
in which the Dealers operate. Each year the Dealer network sits to identify pressing matters of societal ills and collaborates on projects that aim to address challenges in disadvantaged communities.

For every vehicle sold ISUZU Motors South Africa and its Dealers contribute to the ISUZU Foundation. Since 2010, this initiative has enabled grants of more than R16 million to be made to 80 projects. The Foundation has touched and enriched the lives of many South Africans.

Water – a vital issue

South Africa is a water scarce country ranking as one of the 30 driest countries in the world with an average rainfall of about 40% less than the annual world average rainfall. With a global water crisis in our midst, the importance of access and
conservation of water has been amplified. For the United Nations Global Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) to be achieved, sustainable water management needs to be prioritised. The commitment has become more heightened to save water and partake in alternative water usage methods.