The Key IMPI Warrior Programme was launched by Key Motor Group in January 2022. The vision of the programme is to enable the recruitment, training and development of the best, brightest and most diversified automotive sales, and support team in the South African Market. We believe that the quality of our people will be one of the most critical differentiating factors in our ability to be the best at serving our customer’s needs. Investing in this developmental process is of paramount importance to both the sustainability of our industry-leading legacy, closing the skills gap present in our youth and playing our part in the ongoing transformation of our country as a whole.

The title of the programme refers to lessons learnt from a KwaZulu Natal Icon, King Shaka of the Zulu’s. Shaka employed a multi-year plan to systematically build a team of warriors to dominate any competition in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region for over a decade. The discipline, passion and focus required to ensure this multi-year strategy is a success is what we draw from the word IMPI.

The Programme consists of three phases, namely, nurturing an “always recruiting” culture amongst our leadership team to always be on the lookout for people with great attitudes, training for 6 months through a combination of classroom-based training, on the job training and mentoring, and then evaluation for 6 months in a supervised sales or service environment. At Graduation, successful IMPI Warriors receive a South African Quality Association Endorsed (SAQA / NQF Level 4) Certificate as well as a letter of endorsement explaining the programme that the IMPI Warrior has completed enabling them to be employable in the automotive industry. The absolute best of the class will be offered a permanent position on the Key Team.