“The work value output of any truck is the payload multiplied by the distance – tons X kilometres or simply expressed as t.km”, says Key Hire Managing Director, Tony da Silva, adding, “An increase in payload resulting from efficient cargo body design is a lifetime gain in trucking productivity. And that is why the new KANU composite Rhinopanel makes sense – tare mass of the Rhinopanel body is 200kg lighter than the equivalent size body in mild steel”.

A summary of the benefits of the new KANU design are worth looking at in terms of lifetime costs of ownership:

  • Robust composite dent resistant material
  • 200kg lighter than equivalent steel van = can be up to +-5% fuel saving
  • High-end aluminium extrusion finish
  • Durable - no paint, other than floor and rear door aperture
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Thermal properties equivalent to 20mm insulated
  • “Considering a truck is expected to have a 10-year operational life, the cargo body should last as long as the chassis/cab,” says da Silva, who concludes: “When it comes to transport solutions, it pays to look at the chassis/cab and cargo body as an integral unit. Minimising the body specification can result in downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs. We are in the business of matching lifetime demands and increasing work value outputs.”

    If you wish to discuss this or for more information, please contact Hennie Botha at hennie.botha@keygroup.co.za or at 031 713 3111.