Specific gravity (SG) is the critical outcome of mass and volume. The universal benchmark is one litre
of water weighs one kilogram. The SG of diesel fuel is around 0,84 and the reason why water
contamination in diesel fuel tanks is at the bottom of a storage tank because diesel floats on water
with the heavier SG.

A cargo manifest should always be reduced to kg – volume is only half the truth.

For example, 10 cubic metres of dry sand will weigh 12t, but wet sand can push this up to 20t
(2000kg / cu t).

A mixed cargo manifest will account for the volume mass ratio of each product transported. The
clearly identifies over or under loading and the need to distribute mass correctly between drive and
steering axles.

If you are experiencing difficulties with mass distribution of cargo, Key Hire employs TranSolve
software that can assist solve this problem. We are in the business of ‘transport solutions.’